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Teaching your child healthy hair care habits

Your Cart. By weakening children, diarrhoea increases mortality rates from other opportunistic diseases, including ARI acute respiratory infections. ARI and diarrhoea together account for two-thirds of all child deaths worldwide. Millions of other children are made sick, weakened or are disabled by other water- and sanitation-related diseases and infections including cholera, malaria, trachoma, schistosomiasis, worm infestations and guinea worm disease.

And in a growing number of countries, natural or man-made pollution of water sources with dangerous contaminants threatens millions of people. WASH and education A high percentage of children suffer from intestinal infections caused by parasites as a result of poor hygiene and inadequate sanitation.

Much more than documents.

Parasites consume nutrients, aggravate malnutrition, retard children's physical development and result in poor school attendance and performance. Household chores, such as fetching water, keep many girls out of school.

Also, the lack of separate and decent sanitation and washing facilities in schools discourages girls from attending school full time and forces some to drop out. In addition to frequent hand washing, small children need to learn other ways to prevent the spread of germs. Children should be taught to cover their mouths when they cough and sneeze, and to use a tissue rather than their shirt sleeve when they need to wipe their nose or mouth.

Children should also be taught that sharing cups and eating utensils, particularly at school, is an easy way to spread germs and become sick, and should therefore be avoided. Promoting good personal hygiene habits does more than protect children from the threat of germs and disease. It also helps keep them looking and smelling clean and fresh, and promotes their general health.

In this vein, dental hygiene is an important part of personal hygiene.

Kids' Health - Topics - Caring for your skin

Caregivers need to teach young children the importance of brushing their teeth at least twice a day, and flossing their teeth once a day. Adult modeling of brushing and flossing is one of the better ways for caregivers to teach children appropriate dental self-care behavior. Kids are much more likely to regularly brush and floss their teeth if they see Mom and Dad doing these things as well.

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Toothbrushing should be integrated into both the morning and bedtime routines. More expensive technology is not mandatory, but for some children who refuse to pick up a toothbrush, these gadgets can work an amazing trick. Flossing can occur in the evening or at another point in the day. Skillful flossing requires highly developed fine motor control and it can be exceptionally difficult for young children's little fingers to master appropriate flossing technique.